Well, with the squillions of blogs that already exist on travel, I thought it was high time I added to the pile!

I live in Shropshire but have a rather bizarre heritage of English, Italian and Levantine, my father being Italian and Lebanese (though personally, to confuse matters even further, I’m often sure I should’ve been Welsh!)

He lives in Rome and I usually visit a few times a year, which is why there’ll be a fair few posts on Italy!

I’m also eternally enraptured with the Middle East (including Egypt, though I realise it’s technically North Africa), so you may notice a higher-than-average amount of posts about these countries too.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some wonderful places, but the economic strain has affected us all and this year it’s all about being on a budget – but wherever I go, I always try to immerse myself in new cultures and keep a little diary on my Blackberry as I go along.

Hopefully this blog will be a bit fresh and quirky with lashings of pictures, tips, links and above all inspiration!

Just for good measure, it will also be peppered with notes about my other loves – food, fashion and scuba diving!

I welcome any feedback and hope you’ll come back to visit me often!

The Moderately Intrepid Traveller


2 comments on “About”

  1. cool site Lara!

  2. Thank you Rob! 🙂

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