The perfect wedding gift!


Since we’re still in the grips of Wedding Season, I thought it might be nice to share this recent purchase with you!

Gift registries are a great idea – but I love it when couples don’t have one! You can be far more thoughtful and creative in your choice of present, and when you’ve found it, bought it and wrapped it yourself, it’s so much more personal.

This summer’s big wedding was for a fun and fabulous couple from London, who married in the beautiful grounds Royal Holloway University of London.

The other half and I were on tight budget when I started shopping for their present back in June, but I really wanted to get them something striking, unusual and wonderful, something no one else would ever buy them.

They’re a very jolly pair, both incredibly kind and thoughtful, and they do enjoy the finer things in life.

So when the monthly newsletter from Hermes popped into my inbox, I delved straight in for inspiration!

Hermes, for those who haven’t heard of it, is an ancient and exquisite French high fashion house, making only the most beautiful leather goods, trinkets, china, fabrics and perfume.

Needless to say, we’re talking serious amounts of money (which I don’t have!) for these gifts.

I first thought of getting them this beautiful Avalon wool and cashmere blanket, which I thought would be a lovely luxurious addition to their sofa:

…but was HORRIFIED to discover it costs an eye-watering smidge off £800 – more than our monthly rent!

Then I discoverd this gorgeous and seriously covetable ashtray…

– neither of them smoke, but it’s clearly far too beautiful for anyone to want to extinguish fags in anyway!)… Though again, at £430, it was way out of our league!

So then I came across the perfect present, these beautiful handpainted teacups

…And alas, they were a whopping £248.

BUT! Then, just as I was quietly ticking myself off for being stupid enough to shop at Hermes on a pauper’s budget, I found the PERFECT thing!

This GLORIOUS little set of bridge/playing cards came in at £60 – a very reasonable £30 each. The chaps at work couldn’t believe I’d spent £60 on a set of cards – ah, but these are no ordinary cards!

Perfectly printed by one of the oldest and most respected fashion houses in the world, and packaged up into the iconic orange Hermes gift box (a gift in itself!) this is perhaps the coolest and most unusual present I’ve ever given.

I had them sent with a beautifully written personalised card engraved with the Hermes logo in gold lettering (no extra charge), telling the bride and groom we hoped it’d bring a smile to their face on a rainy day!

Such a fun little find – and the happy couple adored them!


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