Changing perceptions: Which city is this?

By: Sandstorm

Aug 17 2010

Category: Adventures


Focal Length:5.9mm
Shutter:1/59 sec
Camera:FinePix Z100fd

One of my favourite books is Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s spectacular Earth from the Air series, which features a mind-altering collection of beautiful photographs taken from aerial view.

The unusual thing about the book is is that the images are very rarely what you think – there might be a stunning alpine mountain range which you’d imagine was Switzerland but is in fact Africa, or a very English-looking housing estate which turns out to be in Mexico.

Flicking through it last night, I wondered whether pictures like these could have the potential to totally change the way we perceive certain countries and their landscapes.

Are our perceptions of the world shaped too heavily by the media and tourist organisations? Would we be surprised to see the abject squallor less than a mile from the glamorous resorts of Rio, or to discover that some of the most stunning mountains and emerging ski slopes are actually located in Afghanistan?

To test the theory, I thought I’d try a little experiment!

So here are a few pictures of a city I visited not long ago. Where do you think it is? I’d love to hear your comments!


3 comments on “Changing perceptions: Which city is this?”

  1. Germany?? Looks a bit like one of the bigger European cities, maybe Germany or France?

  2. Coast and climate is biggest clue. I’m thinking Middle East, Alexandria perhaps or Lebanon?

  3. Thanks Hannah and Jo! One of you is very close – will reveal all later 🙂

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