How to make a perfect peach bellini

By: Sandstorm

Aug 10 2010

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I had a little gathering at the weekend to celebrate my impending agedness, and my drink of choice for the evening was the classic peach bellini.

This gorgeous cocktail was invented at the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, and I’ve been lucky enough to try it at their sister restaurant, Cipriani, in London’s Mayfair – it was bliss!

They’re incredibly moreish, light and fresh – you really can’t have just one!

But if you order a peach bellini in other bars and restaurants, it just doesn’t taste the same – it’s much easier to just make them at home.

There are literally just two ingredients in a classic peach bellini. Anything else just spoils it. Forget trying to blend and strain real peaches too – they can be very sour, or very acidic, or too ‘mulchy’.

You need a pouch of fresh white peach puree (I use La Fruitiere purees from Oakland European) and a good prosecco (try this one from Sainsburys).

Pop a few glasses in the fridge to cool them. Harry’s Bar and Cipriani use mini tumblers but I like them in a small round wine glass.

Pour in the puree (it’s best to freeze it for around an hour first, so that it’s very cold) and top up with prosecco. Harry’s Bar use one part peach puree to three parts prosecco, but I like mine quite sweet so I use equal parts of puree and prosecco.

Stir gently until slightly frothy and serve!


2 comments on “How to make a perfect peach bellini”

  1. I don’t think I have ever had an authentic Peach Bellini! I will have to try this as it sounds awesome!

  2. Yes do! It’s absolutely scrummy! x

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