The best ice cream in the world. Fact.

There aren’t that many subjects I could claim to be almost expert in, but I can assure you that ice cream is one of them!

Wherever I go in the world, I always try the ice cream – and without exception, the best I’ve ever had has been at Dal Bolognese, one of Rome’s best restaurants (and one I almost certainly would never have eaten at were it not for Italian Dad knowing the owner – there’s a long waiting list and it’s really for politicians, actors and the Italian elite – in other words, not me!)

Anyway, their most popular pudding is the selection of delicately made fresh ice creams which are delectably blended from fruit, nuts or chocolate, and skillfully scooped back into the shell or fruit they came from.

The apricot, strawberry, walnut and chocolate were to die for!


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