Great stays: The Hilton Hotel on Park Lane

As you might have guessed, I’m generally a muddy boots sort of a girl – but every now and then I do crave a little bit of luxury.

One of my favourite places to stay for superb service, gorgeous little touches and total pampering is the Hilton on Park Lane.

Handy for some breathless shopping sprees on Oxford Street, lazy picnics in Hyde Park and indulgent dinners in places you could only ever afford to visit once, it’s a perfectly placed oasis of elegance and tranquility in one of the busiest and buzziest parts of London.

I like the old-world vibe and thoughtful attention to detail. When you arrive, there’s a handwritten note from the concierge wishing you a wonderful stay; you’re always called ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ and there are all manner of delights if you’re a little bit peckish.

I love the complimentary fresh fruitbowl and the stone plate of covetable Laduree macaroons – so much more pleasurable than an out-of-date packet of vacuum-packed custard creams and a few faded sachets of Nescafe.

Their bar, Trader Vics, is legendary, and their Windows restaurant is the ultimate treat! Take me there now!


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