5 must-see French films

If you’ve ever experienced the quirky romance of France (Paris, especially), and long for a little nostalgia, then here are five absolute must-see films that’ll intrigue, delight, entertain and surprise.

Amelie (2001): My all-time favourite French film, this is a beautiful and flawless piece of cinema. Amelie is one of the most delightful, quirky, imaginative and life-affirming movies you could watch. It’ll make you want to cycle to the supermarket immediately and buy a baguette and some Boursin!

Le Diner du Cons (1998): If it weren’t for taking a degree in Film Studies, I may never have been introduced to the unashamedly simple, rustic, comedy-of-errors-style hilarity of this genre. Le Diner du Cons (‘The Dinner of Idiots’) is a mood-soaring delight of a film that never gets old. I could probably watch it every week!

La Ceremonie (1995): An elegant yet eerie thriller in which a babysitter turns out to be deeply mentally disturbed. It’s actually rather similar to classic Hitchcock – not hideously gory, but it’ll make you spring from your seat when you’re least expecting it.

Le Mepris (1963): An incredibly artistic, provocative and emotionally painful love story about the demise and fragility of relationships, starring Bridget Bardot. I had a lump in my throat throughout most of the film, definitely don’t watch it if you’re feeling rather shakey, but those of strong constitution will appreciate it for the artistic cinematography and colourful mise-en-scene.

Le Circle Rouge (1970): Snappy, slick, polished and quite possibly one of (if not *the*) most stylish French films of all time, Le Circle Rouge is a compelling tale of aristocratic thieves and jewellery heists. Zut alore!


One comment on “5 must-see French films”

  1. Hey Lara,

    I already have Amelie (wonderful) but will definitely check out the other four. Although I’m not entirely sure I should be watching Le Mepris in my current state . . . 😉

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