Diving the Llyn Peninsula

It doesn’t look much of a challenge from this pic because the tide’s out, but this is the little corner of ocean I sometimes dive with Shrewsbury Sub Aqua Club in the summer months.

One of my favourite things about diving the Llyn Peninsula is the drive there and back – it weaves through parts of the Elan Valley and the mountains of Snowdonia, and because we have to set off so early (usually 5am!) to catch the right tide, we’re often driving through it just as the sun’s rising over the morning mists. Beautiful!

At an average depth of around 12 metres, the little bays around Porth Ysgaden aren’t as deep as you might think, but on a good day with clear visibility, they offer some spectacular diving.

The last time I went, I was gliding over wriggling spider crabs, lobsters and dogfish through endless gardens of swaying kelp (incredibly relaxing!) but those who have done deeper and more adventurous dives have encountered ancient shipwrecks and even an octopus down there!

There are no facilities on site (going to the loo is always, um, interesting!) but you can get air fills from the nearby Tyn Rhos campsite.


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